Passenger Coaches

Our passenger coaches are all second class waggons. Every coach has 10 compartments which are all conveniently equipped. During the day, the compartments offer 6 seats and in the night 6 couchette beds. The windows of the compartments can be opened, and if you wish so they can also be bolted. There are toilettes with handbasins at the end of each waggon.

In the night, depending on the occupancy of the compartment, the passengers can flip open up to 6 couchette beds. You can reach the upper beds by a ladder. The upper beds also have a sidewards protection which prevents falling over the bed while asleep. In prıvate compartments, your waggon attendant can install a table if available. Table cloths and cutlery are not included in the compartments. Every compartment can be locked from inside.

Most of are trains are accompanied by a dining car where you can buy snacks as well as warm and cold drinks. It is also permitted to bring your own food in the dining car and eat there. The dining car is in addition a lounge where children's movies can be shown at certain times.

Sleeping car

The sleeping cars in the Optima Express trains are 1st class passenger cars with sleeping beds and air conditioning.

These sleeping cars are equipped with 10 compartments. Each compartment has two beds for adults, one bed for a child up to 12 years old and a sink with water. During the day the compartments offer seats and at night bunk beds. All compartments can be locked from the inside. The toilets with hand wash basins are located at both ends of the sleeping car.

In the sleeping car it is possible to book an occupancy of one to two adults and one child up to 12 years of age per compartment.


A dining car goes with the trains, where you can get small snacks and cold and warm drinks. It is also permitted to take your own food into the dining car and eat it there. Outside of mealtimes, the dining car also serves as a lounge where films are shown at certain times. There are toilets with hand basins at both ends of the carriage.

Car transporter

Your vehicles travel simply with you on the car transporter. You not only save fuel cost and toll charges, but also prevent your vehicle wearing-out on the road and protect it from the risks of road traffic. Thus, your vehicle retains its value and remains ready for operation in your destination.

The drive in the transporters occurs depending on the type of the vehicle and the place of loading either over a loading ramp or with the help of a platform. During loading and unloading, the passengers drive their vehicles themselves. The Optima Tours loading foreman sorts the vehicles at a parking lot before loading them in transporter and assigns them to their places in the transporter.

After all the vehicles are loaded, the tyres are wedged so that they cannot slip out of their place. Motorbikes are tied down using the appropriate security belts. It is not possible to reach your vehicles during the journey. Please keep in mind that you should take all necessary papers with you before leaving your vehicle, as well as anything else you might need during the journey.


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