How secure is the journey?

The journey with the Optima Express offers the highest possible security for a trip in the countries our train travels through. The trains are constantly under surveillance by the local railways authorities and are redirected during unexpected conditions such as floods, storms and fires, or stopped on time. The transit passage through the individual countries is a cooparated service, which surpasses the reaction possibility of a single person (e.g. when travelling on your own in a car). Especially in the latest years, Eastern Europe was heavily affected by floods and all our trains, despite necessary redirections, reached their destinations. Every train is accompanied by a train guard, who knows all of the passangers by name. Die vehicles are transported in the closed car transporter which is much more secure than many open car transporters used by other motorail companies. In the last 26 years, it has never come to an assault of a passenger in our trains. There were certain break-ins in the car transport waggon, but the numbers are under the per thousand range. It is still important to take the necessary precautions to avoid any damages. These precautions include not leaving any valuables in your vehicles and locking its doors. The valuables should be with you during your trip and they should not be left in your compartment when you are elsewhere.